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  • Error: "Multiple Step Operation Generated Errors. Check Each Status Value." when updating a table in ADO.

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    When you attempt to update a MySQL table using the .Update method of the ADO Recordset object, you may encounter the following error:

    Multiple Step Operation Generated Errors. Check Each Status Value.

    This error is caused by either using an incorrect connection string, or by attempting to update a table that lacks a proper primary key.


    First, ensure that the option value of your connection string matches the one located in the following KB article: What connection string do I use to connect to MySQL from Visual Basic 6?.

    Second, ensure that the table you are updating contains a primary key. The primary key cannot be a floating point or TIMESTAMP datatype. Floating point data types are not exact enough for use as a primary key, and the MySQL TIMESTAMP datatype uses different formatting than that used by VB6/ADO. A proper primary key is necesscary for ADO to identify the row that needs to be updated.