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  • Improving Database Performance with Partitioning

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    A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled "The Foundation of Excellent Performance" (still available at http://www.tdan.com/i016fe03.htm ) where I argued against the notion that SQL code was the number one contributor to performance in a database-driven system. Instead, I stated in the article that I firmly believed how good physical database design was far and away the leading component of superior database performance. In addition, I showed that Oracle's own research illustrated how poor design was the main culprit behind database downtime (planned or unplanned). In the years since then, I've not changed my stance and still think that any DBA who wants a high-performance database has got to invest in intelligent and savvy physical design to produce the kind of response times that make end users smile instead of scream.

    This article was written by Robin Schumacher and published on February 22, 2006 on MySQL.com. This link has been provided to help you quickly and easily to find the answers to your questions.